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If you’re looking to get insight into the world of SEO, than you may need the assistance of an SEO Los Angeles. I am clear that most companies with any online presence have hired an SEO company or two in the past, and may have one working on their optimization efforts now. What I offer is piece of mind for you, the employer. My expertise spans many industries and my skill set is deeply rooted in analysis. With this knowledge of analysis, I can utilize many private tools that I have to correctly  measure website metrics, such as:

  1. SEO Friendliness of your company website
  2. Analyze your website structure for GLARING Issues, with such things as broken links of missing conversion points
  3. Audit your backlinks to see if you have any toxic links, and tell you when they were built, why they are toxic, and what to do next
  4. Strategize your industry and see if your SEO team is taking the right steps to help get you ranked
  5. Content strategy review and recommendations

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I am a qualified SEO in Los Angeles, who enjoys helping companies increase revenue by using the Internet.



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