What exactly makes good copy…

What exactly makes good copy…

What is copywriting and more importantly what is great copywriting and how do you do it.

Everyone says they are an expert in this day and age. When all it takes is to create a following on some social media platform and then add content that you re-post and then create sites that all talk about you, it is easy to understand how you can create your own persona. This is a time when bestsellers are no longer earned because they are great books, rather they are the direct result of a company hired to make sure the book became a bestseller. Whether it is a marketing, PR firm, or advertising company, it happens time and time again.

The hard-to-picture size of content available today online is more than all libraries put together, yet that doesn’t mean that it is good content. While there is great work, the amount of garbage has also risen. Look around on the world wide web and take a look at the amount of spam. People posting comments about Viagra and Cialis and dropping links all over people’s websites. Sites that have taken hard work and effort, but they simply don’t care.

We are living in a time where people are very self-centered. It’s all about me, me, me. The emails you didn’t ask to receive are all focused on someone else’s business, some other person’s life, product, whatever.

There are few that realize that a strategy of adding value is the best way to achieve anything in life.

The first thing everyone asks themselves when they hear you speak is “what is in it for me..” Sadly because everyone is so busy, you have very little time to transmit the message.

So you better be good at saying what you need to say and getting it across in a way that is going to get that person curious enough to want to not only know more but to remain there, paying attention.
To segway back to the topic of copywriting, this is exactly what great copywriting does. (Check out Andres Ponciano Media) It focuses on what is in it for whoever reads. Not you, the author, the creator, the sales person, but the visitor. The person that has given you their valuable time.

Copywriting can have many definitions. To me, it is a mixture of understanding, persuasion, and language.
Understanding the topic or the customer or whatever it is you are promoting. Persuasion because in a certain way you must lead the customer visitor to reach some kind of conclusion. That conclusion is the one you want them to arrive at, but they will think they did it on their own. It is said that “people doubt what they hear, but never what they themselves conclude.” How can you get people to reach conclusions that are beneficial to you and at the same time help them…

Lastly, language is important. By this, I don’t mean fancy language that you only heard while doing reading comprehension on the SAT exam or studying for English exams. Language that is simple and to the point. Language that everyone understands.

The more you understand a topic, the more research you do, the more you understand the customer, the easier it is to write the copy. Claude Hopkins, author of Scientific Advertising stated in his book that when you do enough research, the copy writes itself.

If you take anything away from this article, let it be two things. Do enough research to understand your business, your market, and customer and what they want. 2- To always think of what they will want to get from anything you say.
Copywriting, it is important to remember, is not just written, but spoken. Remember these principles and you will know when to speak and when not to (how much you know about a topic). You will also know what to say and how to say it. The “why” of using this easy but not so simple method has already been made clear in this article.

Now go change the world!

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