The battle for traffic in a noisy world

The battle for traffic in a noisy world

So you’ve got a website like this Andres Ponciano Internet Media TED Profile. Congratulations!

Now you need traffic. That means you need people to go to your site. Perhaps you’re already getting visits.
How many of those visits become actual clients customers of your business? How many sales are you making through your website with your current level of traffic?

If you’re not selling very much through your site, then you need to fix this. You’re losing money otherwise.
Perhaps you’re getting traffic and sales. That’s awesome! Are you getting all the traffic and converting as many visits as you can?

If you’re not ranking at the top of search engines, then you are definitely not receiving the amount of traffic you could. If your copy is not appealing, then you’re not converting as many of those visitors into buyers and loyal customers.
In order to know what is appealing to them and what they are interested in, you have to do market research. Do you know how to do that? How well do you know your customer? Can you list their deepest fears and desires? What are their pain points, those things that keep them up at night? What needs or wants are you specifically filling?

Think of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and determine at which stage your potential customers are located.
The point is, there is plenty to think about. We haven’t even discussed a clear marketing strategy that will create awareness of your brand company, attract visitors, grow your email list and ultimately increase your sales and explode your company’s overall growth.

Maybe you could use a hand in doing all this? Maybe you don’t need one.

One thing is for certain though, if you don’t know the answer to many of these questions and if you haven’t even thought of them, your business may not survive. If most businesses fail within one year, then it is smart to figure out what could go wrong with the concept of inversion.

What is inversion? It is basically to begin at the end, with the result you want and work your way to the beginning. If what you want is to have 1,000 visits a month to your website from potential leads, then how can you do it? Work in reverse!

You have a Linked In profile, a Facebook account, Instagram, and Twitter. Altogether you have 10,000 followers. Now you need to study your analytics. When you post some type of content on each platform, how many people read it, watch it, go to your site? Is there a clear action they should take or are you just posting?

If each post you make drives ten people to your site and gets 5 shares and 30 likes, then how could you get 1,000 people to your site? One post a day for a month could potentially drive 300 people to your site in that month (10 people per day go to the site per post 30 days, 30 posts).

Knowing that there are a couple different things you could do. Which platform is responsible for the higher amount of traffic? Double down on that platform and try posting 2 times per day.

Again take a look at your analytics and spy on your competitors. What is the content they have created that is the most popular? How can you make a new, more awesome version of that content?

Use scraping tools which are free to determine what people search for related to your area of expertise. By doing that you will immediately be giving people content they have an interest in. This will create more focused and desired content for your followers and that will increase the response in terms of likes, shares, and traffic to your site. You have to test, test, test and by doing that you will achieve the 1,000 visits to your site per month.

That is just one simple way to apply this. There are many other ways to get traffic by link building and guest blogging, etc. There are also many ways to do so offline. This day and age many people are taking face to face meetings and conversations for granted. It’s still a great way to build a business. Remember that human beings are social. So go out and socialize!

Here is a video of Steve Jobs with some great advice:


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